About The Centre and Nakiska

Nakiska is designated as a National Training Centre by Alpine Canada Alpin, which used the famed 1988 Winter Games resort as a major staging site for Canada’s advance of the 2010 Olympics.

Nakiska, known as “Calgary’s Closest Mountain”, is an ideal ski racing training facility. This Alberta resort, where Canadian Karen Percy Lowe won two Olympic medals in 1988, is used today as a pre-season training facility for teams from around the world.

Millions of dollars have been spent jointly by the Alberta Government and operator of Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR) to upgrade training facilities and add modern safety equipment to upgrade the resort to current international standards.

Nakiska also fosters the development of Canada’s future skiing champions by hosting public, schools, ski clubs, and provincial teams throughout the entire ski season.


Teams Training at Nakiska

Every year, the majority of the racing field at the annual Lake Louise Winterstart World Cup trains at Nakiska prior to the event. Countries that will be training at Nakiska this fall include:

Canada   Slovenia   Sweden   Poland
Italy   Great Britain   Norway   Austria
Switzlerland   Germany   Spain   Czech Republic
France   Crotia   Monaco   Japan
South Korea   New Zealand            



Benefits of the Nakiska Training Centre to Alpine Canada Alpin Athletes

-A training centre founded on a “Canada first” based partnership.
-A guaranteed training site from early November of each year.
-Terrain exclusive to racing and training, entirely separate from the public use areas.
-Safety systems to current FIS standards.
-A location suitable for FIS, NORAM and World Cup technical events.


“Our new partnership with Nakiska Ski Area provides Canadian ski racers with exceptional training space and improved facilities needed to reach our goals and achieve podium results. Recent improvements made by Nakiska and the Alberta Government showcase the province’s exceptional commitment to helping Canadian ski racers achieve our Olympic goals.”

- Gary Allan, Alpine Canada Alpin President



The ski area will open for national ski teams training in early November, providing athletes from Canada and around the world with the ability to use mountain facilities and designated racing space before the resort opens to the public in December. Nakiska has hosted pre-season race training for the past twenty years.

Track Improvements

Recent improvements include widening three training runs to 60 metres, extending the core training run Mapmaker by 650 metres, adding 11 kilometres of safety B-netting, enhanced snowmaking on Mapmaker from top to bottom, and an overall 40% increase in snowmaking capabilities.

Gold Chair Express

The Gold Chair Express significantly improves optimization of "on snow" time for all participants. Travel time shortened by more than 50% will maximize the intensity of training for all levels.

Resort Snowmaking

Nakiska boasts a world-class snowmaking system, which provides the ability to consistently make snow and prepare training runs for November ski training. The system is constantly updated, annually maintained and professionally operated by the resort team.

Did you know that Nakiska’s snowmaking system has the ability to produce up to 46cm of snow to cover 1 acre in just one hour? Or how about a foot and a half of snow over a football field (including the end zones) in an hour and a half??

Other Visitors

Nakiska also hosts Canadian Provincial Teams and clubs from Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. Ski colleges from the United States are regular visitors, and factory, provincial and development teams from Japan, Australia and New Zealand are regular Nakiska early season visitors as well.


Safety is paramount for racing and training. All race training trails are FIS homologated runs, heavily fenced top to bottom using a BARRY B net system. There is no public access to training runs during pre season training. Professional rescue team is available at all times.


Nakiska Ski Area

Phone: (403) 591-7777
Fax: (403) 591-7780
Training Centre Inquiries: acatrainingcentre@skinakiska.com

Resort Address:
P.O. Box 1988
Kananaskis, Alberta T0L 2H0